Money Site Intelligence – Upgrade Services Refund Policy

Upgrade Service Return Policy

1. You are making a purchase from Hays Media LLC, the charge on your account will show up as “Money Site Intelligence”

2. Upgrade services include services separate from the Money Site Intelligence product and separate from the refund policy specified by the Money Site Intelligence refund policy, including the Press Release Service, Backlink Service, Guest Posting Service, and more. 

3.  Because there are specific hard costs associated with the delivery of these services, there will be no refunds permitted under any occasion, except in a circumstance where we are unable to deliver the service for your particular website or service. 

4. You agree that we make no assurance, representation, or promise regarding future income or earnings or that you will make a specific amount of money or that you will make any money at all. There is no assurance that past success or results may be an indication of your success or results.